Sep 11, 2008

Thing #4

OK, I'm back. After a long hiatus, the kids are in school and I have a bit of time, although I don't know if I'll make it by the 15th deadline. Aren't deadlines great, gets you moving.
I went to Flickr and uploaded a photo, however, I never saw the link to "upload to blog". I looked for turtle photos and saw a really cute advertisement for turtle sitters, which at times we could use for our little Freckles. I can sense a business opportunity for my kids. Anyway, I don't have the picture because the button wasn't there. Question: If it is out there for me to view, isn't it public and available for uploading to a blog? Anyway, I will continue to have fun with this, probably not a lot a library pictures though. Perhaps some fun photos to share with grandma. I'm moving on, as I have a deadline and lots of things to do.

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