Sep 15, 2008

Sep 11, 2008

Thing #4

OK, I'm back. After a long hiatus, the kids are in school and I have a bit of time, although I don't know if I'll make it by the 15th deadline. Aren't deadlines great, gets you moving.
I went to Flickr and uploaded a photo, however, I never saw the link to "upload to blog". I looked for turtle photos and saw a really cute advertisement for turtle sitters, which at times we could use for our little Freckles. I can sense a business opportunity for my kids. Anyway, I don't have the picture because the button wasn't there. Question: If it is out there for me to view, isn't it public and available for uploading to a blog? Anyway, I will continue to have fun with this, probably not a lot a library pictures though. Perhaps some fun photos to share with grandma. I'm moving on, as I have a deadline and lots of things to do.

Jul 2, 2008


Thing #3 This is cool . I can see where it can be a real time saver. I think I will get a lot of information that I just wouldn't otherwise get around to searching out. I especially like the word of the day feed. I knew about this previously, but haven't sought it out for a long time. Perhaps now my vocabulary will really improve.

Feb 20, 2008

I just did #2. I found my "20 minutes" of the "day" very late at night. I can attest that it is empowering to learn new things, and to make the choice to learn. Is it only when we are deprived of learning, that we appreciate it?
I have been out of the traditional library setting for a few years, but I get the feel from reading Blyberg's comments that many of the same issues exist. There is the quadrant of professionals that will be pulled kicking and screaming into the virtual world, and those who run headlong into the virtual world. I don't know that putting a label such as L2 will help the division.

Feb 13, 2008